Friday, August 14, 2009

Craft0hmee: Felt Cellphone Cases; iPhone

Hey guys =) How are you all doing? Well here is my first official post of my random stuff! Here are are a couple cases that I made to fit specifically the iPhone, but i'm sure you can stuff different cellphones or mp3 players in there haha.

I made these cases using a portable sewing machine and felt pieces that I just got from wal-mart for like a dollar. If you guys are interested in buying them, maybe I'll set up an etsy account =).

So the first case I made was inspired guessed it! HELLO-KITTY! It is black and yellow as those are probably 2 of my most favourite colours! Here are some pics!

The next case I made is for my boyfriend since he loves pandas! I still need to add velcro to its arms so it stays shut but here it is:

Isn't it so cute! haha I love them =) Anyways that's about it! Blog ya later =)


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